Monday, June 30, 2008

Not Acceptable - Chase Bank $3 ATM Fees

I'm not sure who Chase Bank thinks it is, but I hit up a Chase ATM on Saturday, was going about my business attempting to withdraw $100 from my luxxxurious checking account because that's the way I roll, when the ATM attempted to charge me $3 to proceed with the transaction. That means that for the luxury of withdrawing my OWN hard earned cash from a machine that dispenses cash automatically, Chase wanted to punish me for not having an account with them by charging me the price of two Gatorades. This is absolutely 100% not acceptable, and I have some news for Chase, because unless it magically transforms itself into Commerce Bank and becomes number one in customer service 3 YEARS IN A ROW, I will never leave Commerce and will continue to spite Chase by paying $3 each time I withdraw cash because I refuse to succumb to their strong arm tactics.

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