Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Job Possibility

Perhaps I spoke too soon about not being able to find a job, as Tiffany sent me this amazing one which I will most certainly apply to. From a posting on Craigslist:

Posse (NYC)

Aspiring R&B singer/rapper needs an entourage to help with entrances and 'causing a scene'

- Experience in dance a plus
- Male and female accepted
- Attire will be provided
- Aspiring singers and actors need not apply (not looking for competition)
- Positive outlook a MUST
- Thirst for danger also a major plus
- Must work Nights and Weekends

This is not your normal job! applicants must be SERIOUS about being part of something bigger than themself (my posse)!

The light of heart need not apply!


The only frog with his own blog said...

this shows potential... I wonder if the 50$ salary is per appearance, or if it is some sort of retainer and you get paid per appearance...

either way, with the outlook of danger, and dance moves a plus, I think you are the perfect fit.. please let us know how the application process goes...

Maxim said...

Positive outlook?

George Resch said...

Unfortunately, for you, this position has already been filled...by me. No competition please. I give up easily