Monday, January 26, 2009

Emergency Update: Nikki from The Bachelor

Note right sideburn halfway down cheek

Um, it has become clear to me based on tonight's episode of The Bachelor, that Nikki the amphibian CUTS HER SIDEBURNS. Repeat: Nikki CUTS HER SIDEBURNS. In her updo it was revealed beyond a reasonable doubt that she in fact has sideburns that go down her cheeks, part of which she lasers and the other part which she ARBITRARILY CUTS into SIDEBURNS. I appreciate your attention to this matter.


B said...

HAHAHA I am watching The Bachelor now and I was so struck by the sideburns that I had to google it and see if anyone else out there was appalled.
Thanks for your hilarious post.

Anonymous said...

Lurking through blogger...I just googled Nikki and her side burns too, and I came up with your post.
It was great to have a good laugh tonight.


Nicole said...

yes, just googled Nikki, bachelor and sideburns, thank god I am not alone in realizing this

Karen said...

Same here!! crazy hilarious

secret tongues said...

i totally googled that too! so weird!

subdividedkid said...

I read this blog daily, and I didn't google it.

I noticed that Jason literally talks to girls about how their night is for 2 minutes and then makes out with them for another 3.

I also noticed that the following lines could be used in a Bachelor drinking game:

"I don't care I just want you to be you."

"my feelings are real."

"we really have a connection."

"I just wanted to check in with you."

"I really want him to kiss me." (take a double shot)

G Wolf said...

Also of note: her chin appears to be undergoing mitosis.

Alex said...

My roommates and I watched this last night and also googled to see if anyone else noticed! We kept finishing Jason's sentences. For example: "Nikki, I'm sending you home..... because you have sideburns."