Monday, January 12, 2009

Facebook Group: Don't Pretend You Didn't See It

Join me here

Um, some of you may have noticed that I put a Facebook badge on this blog on the right hand column. This took me no less than 3 Google searches and 45 minutes to do, and I thought for sure people would be joining the Living in Narnia Facebook group like it was GOING OUT OF STYLE and that I'd probably have to start a second group because there were too many applicants. Yet it appears that I have once again woefully misjudged everybody's interest in LIN on Facebook. First I humbly offer up golden positions in my Facebook Cabinet that were at the time vacant such as Grand Vizier and Lt. Colonel, and no one takes me up on it. Now I offer up the opportunity to JOIN MY FACEBOOK GROUP, and people act like they're just totally overextended and have better things to do. Well, I have news for you: if you think that I don't know that you're on Facebook 24/7 monitoring Status Updates and and reviewing Relationship Statuses to determine who's broken up or gotten engaged and then having conversations with your friends to determine whether when someone hides their relationship status, that means that they're a) in a relationship, b) single and embarrassed about it, c) in a relationship that won't work out and the other person is pressuring for a Facebook Relationship Status change but that person knows he or she will eventually be embarrassed when they change from "In a Relationship" to "Single" so they'd just rather hide it all and then say that they're not claiming they're single, they're just not saying anything at all because it's nobody's business, or d) in a relationship but they don't want one of their friends on Facebook to see that they're in a relationship, you're sorely mistaken. What I'm saying is that at some point when you're monitoring other people's activities, stop being corny and just join this damn group. Thanks.


Emily Derksen said...

Dont pretend like facebook is still the cool new thing, everybody knows that joining groups was so 4 months ago

subdividedkid said...

you're a GENIUS!!!!

I can't imagine having a conversation with you. I'd be totally amazed.

G Wolf said...

subdividedkid - if you ever do, good luck getting a word in edgewise.