Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Twin coats: not cool

Last night I was walking Perry and I ran into a girl that I went to law school with. She was always very nice but she was definitely part of the "cool" crowd that was otherwise filled with jerks and people who delusionally thought they the great beauties and fashionistas of our time. Naturally this crowd was friends with a "cool" guy crowd which was filled with short guys with spiky hair who had nosejobs and chin implants and wore Tiffany toggle necklaces.

In any event, she was walking with an older lady and she turned around, recognized me and introduced me to her boyfriend's mother. Two seconds later, her tall goodlooking boyfriend rolled up and introduced himself to me. So let me set this scene: I am wearing an Old Navy puffy coat, walking my highly groomed and bizarre looking dog who is wearing a coat that exactly matches mine, when I run into a very cool person who is standing there doing cool things like being with her boyfriend. She confirms that she is still working at the firm where she started, and I reveal that I am a blogger. Naturally, after our conversation, I briefly contemplated throwing myself in front of car, because this shit ALWAYS HAPPENS. Like whenever I run into cool people I'm always doing something completely ridiculous or looking like a giant asshat, like walking my dog in a matching coat with the wrong colored hair or holding a bag of take-out or being unemployed. Seriously, I just don't understand why people can't run into me when I'm doing cool things, like being at cool concerts like Neutral Milk Hotel or Wolf Parade or wearing my cubic zirconia engagement ring from Canal Street.


G Wolf said...

two things.

1) I am a big fan of the "RIDICULOUS" label and all its contents.

2) Run-ins > Run-ons > the Runs

Above14thSt said...

I thought everything was good after the high school reunion and you don't have to worry about this anymore??

Gonz'oh said...

Somebody has felt that about running into you... guaranteed.