Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Worst Fears Potentially Confirmed

Get thee to a nunnery

Well, in the scenes from the upcoming season of The Bachelor, DEANNA IS BACK AND SAYING THAT SHE MADE A MISTAKE in picking Jesse and wants Jason back. They then show some shots of the other girls freaking out about why she's back and how she's hogging all his time and how Jason's into it too. It is now all too clear that DeAnna broke up with Jesse in November just in time so that she could once again be on the show because DeAnna is obsessed with being on tv and can't stop being obsessed with fame.

Normally I would not waste inordinate time worrying about her cameo, but the montage ends with him proposing to a VAGUELY DUMPY TAN BRUNETTE in a light blue dress. Friends, I fear that that vaguely dumpy tan brunette may be DeAnna. In fact, after watching the proposal in slow motion 3 times, I can confirm with nearly 100% accuracy that that is DeAnna's EXACT olive-y skin shade and those untoned arms are identical to hers. I can also confirm with 100% accuracy that DeAnna favors pastel-colored dresses. As if this was not proof in itself, BOTH Tiffany and Risa agree that the brunette in the proposal shot is likely DeAnna. And when I watched the montage in slow motion for the fourth time, my heart sank as I realized the beast had once again stolen both Jesse and Jason from me, while I once again looked on helplessly waiting for them to read this blog and call me. How many lives must she ruin before someone stops her? She's already ruined my life, Jesse's life, Jason's life, Brad's life and Jeremy the tin man's life. Stop the insanity.


subdividedkid said...

UGH, i saw those scenes as well and i was HIGHLY perturbed. I hate DeAnna and it's TOTALLY a stunt...

they made her pick Jesse because they planned she would break up with him (cuz she was in fact into Jason but they made her pick Jesse) and then they were like, we'll pay you and Jason more money if you pretend to be with Jesse, break up, and then come back on the show where things are rekindled.

it's obvious that this is all set-up and if The Bachelor writers and producers think we would not notice, they are wrong.

none of this shit is real. Even that terribly embarrassing poem that one girl read on national television wasn't real. They gave that to her.

I love that you and your sister watch these shows.

G Wolf said...

Eh, she's not so bad.

The Kate-Moss-Calista-Flockheart look has been "out" for several years now.

At least, that's what my grandmother told me, and she reads STAR, so I know she knows what she's talking about.