Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Over 300 unique individuals clicked on my post regarding Nikki from The Bachelor's absurd sideburns. These individuals arrived at my site via searches like "The Bachelor Nikki Sideburns" and "Nikki The Bachelor Crazy Sideburns." I know you all have a choice in coverage when it comes to sideburns and The Bachelor and I deeply appreciate your choosing Living in Narnia as your source for this information. Let me just reiterate that absolutely nothing is more important to me than ridiculing people on a timely basis, and I strive to provide you, the readers, with the most quality insults available today. You know, people told me all along that I was a cruel bitch with a talent for mockery, and now I know it's true. Your unwavering support means more to me than my nosejob. Haha, just kidding. It means less than my nosejob but more to me than all my subscriptions to Us Weekly, In Touch, Celebrity Life & Style, People and Star magazines combined. And that's saying alot.

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