Monday, January 12, 2009

Mickey Rourke Ok By Me

I half-heartedly watched the Golden Globes because Rock of Love Bus was on, and one has to have priorities, so I missed Mickey Rourke's acceptance speech for winning Best Actor for The Wrestler. I actually loved that movie, probably because growing up we had a nanny/housekeeper who loved WWF wrestling and used to order the RAW and steel cage matches on pay-per-view, and also my dad watched WWF (prior to World Wildlife Federation claiming the initials WWF and forcing the wrestling association to become WWE - not joking). In any event, in his speech Mickey thanks Axl Rose and his dogs, both the ones he has now and the ones that have passed on, because "sometimes all you got in your dog and they meant the world to me." Maybe it's because I'm down to a maintenance dose of Lexapro, but when I read this article which describes how Mickey takes his dogs to premieres which obviously seems bizarre, I cried for 20 minutes at my computer because it's clear that he just adores his dogs and wants them with him everywhere. He took his dog Loki with him to the Venice film festival last year because she was 16 and Mickey wanted to spend every minute he had left with her. He also describes how he gave mouth to mouth to his dog for 45 minutes at his house when it was dying and was so depressed he couldn't return home for two weeks. However insane Mickey Rourke's plastic surgery or his other antics, he gets a free pass in my book.

I know I've said this before but if Perry should ever, EVER die, I will very calmly rent a canoe, fill it with provisions and spend the remainder of my days floating in the open sea eating gummy worms and being delirious and waiting for the ocean to take me.

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