Thursday, March 12, 2009

Check Depositing Fiasco

America's Most Convenient Bank to Rob

So last week, Above the Law sent me a check for my VERY excellent work as a guest blogger for the week I filled in. I had big plans to deposit it and then squander it immediately on clothing, but the night before I was planning to roll up to TD bank, the tv in the cab had a story about how there have been a string of robberies at TD bank in the past week, and how someone named Ray Kelly says that they're the most unsafe banks in NYC where you are most likely to be shot. They then SHOWED THE INSIDE OF THE TD BANK WHICH I GO TO, which I recognized due to the green TD logo and leftover Commerce Bank furniture and indicated that that was the bank in which one of the robberies took place.

This is just my luck - pretty much the first time someone pays me for writing I get a check that I can't deposit because there's robbers in my bank. And while they may not be there now, I actually don't feel like getting shot today or worse, having the robber take my check from me. This is exactly why I don't working any more, because even when someone tries to pay me the banks are broken. I literally cannot win.

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subdividedkid said...

Dude, take a hint from this.

You should rob a bank to fund your addiction to reality tv, vegetarian cuisine, clothes, shoes, and pampering your dog.