Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Perry's Admirer

I'm not the only one with paparazzi after me - there's a dog photographer who roams NYC's dog parks and has snapped pics of Perry. A few months ago, he apparently took some surreptitious pics of Perry doing his thang at the Tompkins Sq. dog park, and one day I was walking with Perry in Union Square and this guy runs up to me, asks me if Perry usually goes to Tompkins Sq. park and if he usually wears a black coat. I was like, "um, why" and then he said that he just take pictures of dogs with a zoom lens and posts it without the owner’s permission on his blog. I can assure you it was in no way alarming whatsoever. Anyway - check out the pictures - this was a particularly pompadoury haircut of Perry's - it's usually not that Mozart-esque.

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