Monday, March 2, 2009

LiveBlogging The Bachelor Finale TONIGHT 8 PM EST

As everybody knows, tonight is the two hour season finale of The Bachelor, followed immediately by a one hour "After The Final Rose" show in which Molly and DeAnna will demand answers and cry, and Jason will just say that "he didn't think he could go all the way" and that his "connection was stronger" with Melissa. I am well aware that this show will be history in the making - which is why I've decided to make my OWN history and Live Blog this episode. Check back here starting at 8pm, and you'll be able to see me providing very insightful commentary on what promises to be the Most Romantic Proposal In Bachelor History. Readers, will you accept THIS ROSE?

1 comment:

subdividedkid said...

During the six weeks after the bachelor, Jason saw the movie rent.

"I cant live with regret" = forget regret or life is yours to miss

"I should tell you I have always loved you"

"your eyes, as we said our goodbyes, cant get them out of my mind"

what a SLEAZEBALL. I love how he thinks that this is TOTALLY okay. break up with a girl, get with another within minutes. spend thousands of dollars on a ring and re-use it. He's a terrible person and a terrible father.