Tuesday, March 3, 2009

LiveBlogging After the After the Final Rose TONIGHT at 10PM EST

Get a room

One of the biggest surprises of last night, besides discovering that Jason was not America's favorite dad from Seattle, but rather a fickle jerkhat of epic proportions, was that there was going to be an After the After the Final Rose ceremony, which airs TONIGHT at 10 PM. Chris Harrison says there is going to be "one final twist" in this sordid tale of complete shamosity and betrayal, and I'm guessing it will either involve Melissa's limo turning her around and bring her back to the studio to confront lying Jason and backstabbing Molly OR they will bring out the new Bachelorette. According to the press release, there is also going to be an "exciting and moving" retrospective on this past season, which promises to involve soaring music, aerial shots and a montage of Jason on 23 helicopter dates.

So join me, won't you, for one last hour, as I liveblog what I hope will be the finale of the finale, so we can collectively tear Jerkson Mesjerk and that serpent Molly a new one and send them off in fine style.

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