Friday, March 6, 2009

Countdown to Being Discovered: Days 3, 4 &5

March 4, 2009: Got haircut. While the shampoo girl was washing my hair, her nail scratched at a zit on my hairline, resulting in blood coming down my face and a scab on my forehead.

March 5, 2009: Declined third glass of wine at Italian restaurant.

March 6, 2009: Practiced my "why do you think you should be America's Next Top Model" speech: "I'm living proof that being a model is not about being 'thin' or 'pretty,' or 'taking great photos,' or even 'looking good in clothing.' Being a model is about having a beautiful spirit and a good heart, and while I don't have either of those things, I have friends who might."


subdividedkid said...

In response to the bloody hairline (hi-larious by the way):

That girl on top model would have an orgasm if she saw it since she thinks blood is really beautiful and was "jealous..." of Tyra Banks who got bloody noses as a child.

Maybe if you come up with some ridiculous fetish or gimmick you'll get on the show.

Past gimmicks/fetishes on ANTM:

- ashburger's syndrome
- being a hunchback and double jointed
- tranny
- into blood
- fat
- wearing leather jackets over expensive gowns
- being a circumcised woman
- not having a passport
- gapped teeth
- burn scars all over your body
- being a lesbian
- a gay-hating, no-nude-policy bible thrower
- being street evangelist named London

The only frog with his own blog said...

Hahhha... March 6th's entry was priceless... thanks for the laugh

the women's circle said...

there was also a girl with psoriasis - i think it actually may have been the winner from like 2 seasons ago, caridee??