Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jillian is the New Bachelorette: I CALLED IT

Ugh, you again

Well, just as I predicted, the "twist" in the After the After the Final Rose show was that Jillian is the next Bachelorette. This seems somewhat logistically problematic, as I highly doubt that ABC will be able to locate 25 men who want to fight over a Celine Dion lookalike and a poor man's DeAnna Pappas. But I've been wrong before, and it's possible with ABC's army of personal trainers, tanning professions, wardrobe consultants and dermatological upper lip collagen injection specialists, that Jillian can be transformed from random girl on JDate to better looking random girl on JDate. At this time I would just like predict that the new season will most certainly feature a hotdog contest.


Active said...

i think they totally should have picked melissa, and probably would have, but had already committed to jillian before melissa was jilted by the biggest creep/monkey look alike in history. seriously, the guy is such a tool and is just lucky he got to "fool" so many women out of his league! tv cameras can make ppl CRAZZZY! and delusional and make crappy things look like gold! it's like a mirage!

the women's circle said...

um, you actually predicted that STEPHANIE DEAD HUSBAND would be the next bachelorette.

Sam said...

Why is he such a fool? When Jim ditched Karen on The Office, everyone cheered. I think the outroar over Jason picking #2 after picking #1 is for two reasons- nobody liked #2, and because of the engagement. But an engagement isn't marriage. Breaking off an engagement isn't horrible- it's better than tying the knot to a good person when you love someone else.

Even if the happy couple doesn't work out, at least he won't have to go through life thinking "did I pick the right one?" (unless he's an idiot and wants to get back together with #1 later).

The only frog with his own blog said...

looks like you lost your jdate sponsorship!