Thursday, March 26, 2009


As threatened, I am on America's Next Top Model. Megan is also on ANTM. Yesterday, an episode aired where the models posed in a pose-off with Benny Ninja at Mansion in NYC. Megan somehow got me and her friend Dave invited and we were obviously seated directly behind Tyra's makeup artist (whom Megan said hello to) and were on camera because of our photogenic natures. Megan is the one with the red hair strangling herself, and I am immediately to her left, mostly blocked by some woman's head wrap, but mainly looking like an old bald man with no dentures. It was a fine day.


Jengwei said...

omg i totally saw this episode. Why wasn't I invited to the drag queen extravaganza?!?! :(

subdividedkid said...

While this is mildly impressive, it by no means excuses you the lack of blogs. Twitter is not enough.

You could always give me more Perry.