Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Face Powder

Mine is not this color

It occurred to me this weekend as I was shalaquing (sp?) makeup on my face, that every pressed powder that I've ever bought smells like a combination of grandma underwear and tin foil. I'm currently using Lancome, which is vaguely an old lady brand, so I guess that smell is to be expected, but I've used MAC, Clinique and Cover Girl in the past, and they all have the same odor, with Cover Girl being the most tin-foily smelling of the bunch. It's disgusting and outrageous that these cosmetic companies are so large and successful and yet they're still wedded to olde tyme scents like dentist bib and wooden leg that were popular in the 1910s. Every time I apply my powder I end up holding my breath, which wouldn't be such a nuisance except for the fact that I have to reapply a zillion times a day because there's an oil rig located on my face, and whenever I hold my breath I can't go back to breathing normally right away because I'm conscious of my breath for the next few minutes. So, does anybody have a recommendation for a non-terrible smelling powder?


Jennifer said...

I don't use pressed powder. I recommend Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and primer plus a translucent loose powder from Prescriptives.

Lindsey said...

Estee Lauder's loose powder (and even their mineral makeup w/ pomegranate) smells pretty good, and I've never noticed my Bobbi Brown loose powder to have any smell at all.