Monday, March 2, 2009

Countdown to Being Discovered: Day 1

Many people have asked me what I'm doing to prepare for the America's Next Top Model Auditions, which take place on March 14 in NYC. You may recall that for the upcoming "cycle" of the show, they're casting women under 5'7," which is perfect for me because I'm exactly 7 inches shorter than the maximum height requirement. To increase my chances of getting on the show, I've scoured the internets and found this Q&A with the casting director, who urges women to leave their wigs at home and show up in tank tops and jeans and very little makeup. I got the sense from the interview that they're looking for natural beauties like myself, so I've devised a two week plan to get myself in top condition for the audition. Accordingly, every day until March 14th I'm going to post what I'm doing that day in order to prepare myself for what can only be described as certain fame and fortune.

Alright, here it goes:

March 2, 2009: Today I thought about going to the gym but ultimately decided against it.

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