Saturday, March 7, 2009


It is an indisputable fact that comic books are both totally unacceptable as well as HIGHLY NERDY, and therefore it should come as no surprise that movies about comic books are also unacceptable. For your convenience, I have compiled the below list of sanctioned responses if someone invites you to go see the movie Watchmen:

1. No
2. Hahah
3.Is that a joke?
4. You have to be kidding me.
5. Are you a nerd?
6. That's strike two.
7. Don't be ridiculous, cousin.
8. You're a real nerd.

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subdividedkid said...

I studied the "graphic novel" (ie. COMIC BOOK!!!!!) in college during an intro english- lit class. I think the professor... excuse me... graduate student instructor-- was really into comics and RPGing in the diag with other wizard, warlock, knight, and superhero enthusiasts...

however, it was an awesome thing to study. Some really great concepts and ideas... cool art... I really loved it.

but seriously... see that movie when you are alone-- don't actually invite someone to see it with you. That's just asking for less friends.