Saturday, April 5, 2008

Gorgeous New 'Do

If you think this blog is going to be mainly boring posts about my dog, Perry, you're right. If I had an annoying or ugly dog, I wouldn't bother mentioning him, but unfortunately Perry is the best looking dog I have ever seen with the greatest personality known to mankind.

Since Perry is a Bedlington terrier he has to have a very complicated mohawk/pompadour hairstyle called the "trojan." Every 4 weeks I take Perry to Walter's Pet Styles in Murray Thrill where Perry is treated to a day of beauty, if that is even possible because Perry's beauty is already exponential. Perry's stylist Walter and junior stylist Donna bathe him, clean out his filthy ears, give him a manicure, cut his hair and then give him an amazing blowout. When they're through with him, Walter robs me of $100 plus tip and hands over Perry who looks exactly like a little lamb. I was walking him home from grooming today and a guy on a smoke break told Perry he was "keeping it real" and I honestly cannot think of a higher compliment.

When I am extremely rich I plan to buy another Bedlington. If I'm still not married by age 35 and am still exceedingly rich I plan to throw in the towel and start a town filled only with Bedlingtons, human population: 1. There will be Bedlington innkeepers and Bedlington policemen and a Bedlington mayor and I will live out the rest of my days in this town and die happy.

Here are some pictures of one of Perry's historical blow outs. He wouldn't sit still for me today, but his new 'do is definitely amazing.

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