Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Most Beautiful People

People magazine just came out with the most beautiful people issue with Kate Hudson on the cover, which is not really surprising considering she is the celebrity I most resemble (and don't even try to comment that I don't look like her because I will be rejecting that comment ASAP), but usually they list people that are not even good looking at all, like some Olympian swimmers that no one cares about with long torsos or Katie Couric. So here is the REAL list of the most beautiful people, with 1 being sexytime EXPLOSION and 10 being extremely goodlooking:

2. Colin Farrell - very sexy
3. Tom Cuise in A Few Good Men
4. Ron Livingston - sexy
5. Perry - furry
6. Adrien Brody
7. Johnny Rzeznick - has amazing highlights
8. Rivers Cuomo
9. Lieutenant Andy Baldwin from The Bachelor
10. Jon Stewart


megan said...

um, i think you forgot someone you consider EXTREMELY beautiful and shamazing... i'll give you a hint... he would neg you or maybe even roll off if he saw he wasn't mentioned, and you certainly wouldn't get any kino as a result of this post!

Robespierre said...

You're 100% right, there will be a codicil amending this list and Mystery the Pickup Artist is #2

michael said...

Adam Duritz? I had to look him up because frankly, he is the opposite of shamazing (please create a new word)... ..that is him shirtless, but the good news here, for me, if he is top on the list, I am looking better and better...

Chris said...

Would you revoke my blog reading privileges if I told you that I know what 22% of the humans on this list look like?

Do I redeem myself by knowing what 100% of the non-humans on this list look like (in part due to the picture at the top of your blog with Perry sporting some Jewish ornamentation and in part due to dogster)?

Jenna said...

11. Hailey