Monday, April 14, 2008

Your Tour Ends Here

My favorite show on tv is Rock of Love 2, along with Nanny 911, Wife Swap, Intervention, What Not to Wear, Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious, True Life, Celebrity Fit Club, I Love New York, I Love New York 2, The Pickup Artist, Dateline: NBC, 20/20, I Know My Kid's a Star, The Biggest Loser, and Supermarket Sweep. I love it so much that when it airs on Sunday at 11am and 9pm, I watch it both times so that I can memorize the dialogue and recite it the next day with anybody who calls me at the office to discuss what happened.

Unfortunately, I didn't see last night's finale because I was out, but I asked Megan today to tell me who won if I guess correctly, which makes no sense, because there were only two finalists, Daisy and "Ambre" so if I guessed wrong I would know the answer anyway. In any event, I guessed Daisy but apparently Bret has not getting my telepathy signals because aged fat leg Ambre won. First of all, while admittedly Daisy's face is completely beat and her lip injections interfere with her ability to speak, her body is 100% slammin' and Ambre looks like a glow worm and has the worst legs I have seen since Megan pointed out Jennifer Love Hewitt's legs one day while we were getting pedicures. Second of all, BRET PULLED THE SAME SHIT LAST SEASON. He got rid of stripper Heather (this season's Daisy) and went with dependable, likeable Jess (aka Ambre), and they broke up before the reunion show even aired. Why would he make this same mistake again? Also this season Bret stopped wearing his snakeskin trenchcoats (good) but he stopped talking about his Diabeetus (bad).

The next question is now that Rock of Love is over what the hell will I watch on tv and now I have nothing to look forward to until Perry's Thai food and margarita birthday party next week. They need to have a Rock of Love 3 and also The Pickup Artist 2, so I can keep on drooling over Mystery who is VERY sexy.

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Sarah said...

Daisy bugged me from Day 1 because she looks like a Duff sister with collagenated mealworms eating her face. I just couldn't deal with that.