Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just Kidding

My friend Jon graciously forwarded me this link to the official store for apparel, magnets, key chains, plastic spider rings and other dentist office crap that you can buy to commemorate Benedict's visit, so apparently some people are into him. It is powered by the website which is potentially the best website name ever, except for, which someone once bought for me for my birthday because I'm always bragging about how all my essays and papers have the most amazing last lines potentially ever written. Here is the last line to my phenomenal law school admissions essay, which I occassionally call someone up to just re-read aloud and discuss what a great writer I am:

"As the crowd chanted '41 shots!' I yelled 'Justice!' but secretly feared that justice, in the law's narrow sense, was already served."

I literally just got chills typing it - is this a joke

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Above14thSt said...

And you got into Penn with that?