Saturday, April 5, 2008

Too Sexy For Verizon

Last Friday I attended my friend Risa's Fordham Follies show, which basically makes fun of all things Fordham in musical form. The show was really good, and afterwards there was an open bar party at the Gin Mill on the UWS, which is a place that I have both thrown up and made out at, which speaks fairly highly of it. It was mostly Fordham people which meant that I had no choice but to sit in a corner drinking Long Island Ice Teas and openly mocking men in Kenneth Cole button down shirts and generally belittling others until I felt good enough about myself to join the party.

Anyway, so across the crowd, this guy who is in the middle of hitting on someone else made eye contact with me. He was tall, cute and looked like he might have an education for once and not work at a Verizon store and he just kept on staring at me. Admittedly my shit was looking pretty hot that night and I decided he might be my soulmate, so I walked by him and put my business card in his back pocket while he was hitting on this other girl. A few minutes later he walked by me and puts the above crumpled note in my hand.

Um - THIS IS THE MOST GLORIOUS NOTE EVER WRITTEN. It's perfect in every way- he compliments me, uses an emoticon and wants my number FOR DATING PURPOSES and not bootycall purposes. Risa agreed the note was amazing and we both took picures of it and posted it on Facebook to brag. I later spoke with "Matt" and confirmed he was a Libra (since I always get along with Libras) and we had a decent conversation about Doritos v. Cheetos and guns, but he said something else that I can't remember which enraged me so I stormed away and I think he ended up hooking up with the girl that he was initially hitting on.

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Sean said...

Um... you needs to hunt this man down asap!!!