Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dr. Russett P. Feldman, M.D.

My mom does not read my blog a) because she doesn't know how to turn on the computer and b) because I haven't told her about it, but nevertheless, Happy Birthday mommy. Her birthday is April 19th, which is also the anniversary of Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing and the day before Hitler's birthday. She turned 57, I think.

She baked herself a cake and we put candles on it that said "157." HAHAHAHHHAHHA. Here is a pic of my mom "pretending" to be old wearing a frog t-shirt in honor of the Passover frog plague. She is a wacky and offbeat woman and for many years I was embarrassed by her, until I realize that I basically am her. She's the Feldman Feldman Feldman, Feldman Feldman & Feldman prototype and a true original. I love you mom.

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