Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Living in Narnia: Part Infinity

So I am looking into taking some classes at NYU this summer. I found a class I liked, called up "NYU Summer Sessions," listened to their 5 minute recorded message, dialed "0," was forced to listen to it again because apparently "0" is not a valid extension, and eventually got someone. I explained to her my situation and asked her how much taking this one class would be. "Well, it's $1,300 a point, and this is a three point class...$3,900 plus registration."

I told her that she must be mistaken, because I wanted to take a psychology class, not the class where they gave us the treasure map to El Dorado or where we learned from gold textbooks. She laughed and said "I know, it's really expensive. You can apply for a private loan though." I then asked her whether NYU was kidding me or whether everyone in the admissions office was actually living in Narnia because $4,000 is an extortionary amount that actually might be illegal. She laughed again and apologized that no financial aid would be available for summer students, and I assured her that I am EXTREMELY WEALTHY but really couldn't justify spending $4,000 unless the class involved the secrets of the universe.

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