Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wildfires: Give Me a Break

Yesterday on the Elevator Captive network, where I get all the news I care to watch, I read that there are apparently more "wildfires" in California. Is this is a joke. Who keeps smoking cigarettes in dusty forests or lighting birthday cakes near flour factories - can people stop doing this. I feel like every year the entire state of California gets on fire and we have to hear the same boring news story over and over again - people have to evacuuate, celebrity homes are burned and people vow to "rebuild" IN THE SAME LOCATION WHERE THE OLD FIRE WAS. I mean, if your house is in a fiery forest, time to close up shop and maybe this time move to somewhere not directly in a volcano or on the San Andreas fault line. This reminds me of a segment of 20/20 where John Stossel interviewed people who kept on rebuilding houses on stilts essentially 2 feet from the ocean and were completely shocked that when it was drizzling their houses floated out to sea. If you pretty much have to be a trained clown to walk on stilts, seems like it might be a bad idea to build your house on them.

My other question about these forests on fire is why don't people just get some water and start putting them out instead of just standing there reporting about how they're spreading. I've seen footage of firefighters standing there with a hose shooting two pieces of water at this giant inferno, which is essentially the equivalent of trying to bail out of the Titanic with a thimble. They need to get some rain machines in there and do something real because shooting at a ball of flames with a gentle stream of SmartWater is not doing the trick and it is time to try it my way.

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