Friday, July 11, 2008

My Way or the Jengwei

I don't often (or ever) give recommendations on this site to do things, because, as I have previously noted, when people give me bad recommendations, I become enraged. Recently, Megan asked me if I had been reading her friend (and my friend by transitive property) Sean Jengwei's blog, and I said no, and then she said that he wrote EXACTLY LIKE ME so obviously I immediately went to his blog. Let's just say that reading it was like meeting my gay Asian soulmate, because his shit is fucking hilarious. He had me at Emperor of Xian; he had me at Emperor of Xian.

P.S. Can someone buy me these immediately


Jengwei said...

Ha!!! I'm offended you haven't been reading -- after all, you were the one who inspired me to start. And also, yes, after being office mates with Megan for a year, I think a lot of her humor (which, by transitive property, was your humor) really transferred to me.

Jengwei said...

Also, that picture of me is unacceptable and it has persuaded me that I need to lose 100 pounds

Above14thSt said...

Do you people do any work at your law firms? You are getting paid REDONCULOUS money and you complain and blog about it.