Wednesday, July 9, 2008

DNA 2050: "Concept" Store

Behold, the future

On my way to dinner the other night I passed what may be the most ridiculous store known to mankind, DNA 2050: Concept Store, the main concept apparently being that stores from the future look EXACTLY like the stores of today. However, as an avid believer in Ouijia, divining rods and runes, I fully support stores that predict the future, so I went in to see what clothing stores will be like in a distant millennium, or 42 years from now.

Instead of having murals of men planting flags on the moon and Martians trying on clothes, the walls were full of clothing racks and had signs that said "Sale." I asked the earthling salesperson to show me their selection of space suits, time-travel vests and astronaut ice cream, but the salesperson said he "didn't know what I was talking about" and when I pointed out to him that the name of this store indicated that it was from the future, he laughed and said I was "first person to think that" because apparently there is more reasonable explanation out there. So I asked him if the concept of the store wasn't space and clothing from the future, what was it, and he said the concept was that they only stock each piece of clothing in one of each size (so like one 2, one 4, one 6, etc.) and once it's gone, it's gone. I informed him that this was a terrible idea because that means that people have to go to the store every day to make sure new stuff doesn't come in and that other people don't steal their sizes, and asked whether this was a test run for what will be happening in all stores in the future and he got annoyed and said that the store had "nothing to do" with the future. Then I saw that they carried Ed Hardy crap and I announced that if people were still wearing skulls with sailor hats and tigers with daggers in their eyes in 42 years I actually give up and will not be joining the future anyway.


Above14thSt said...

Im sure this is a terrible store. It made me think of other terrible establishments in NYC. One in particular that has bugged me for a long time is the DELTA AIRLINE LOUNGE on 6th Avenue and 57th. Why would anybody want to go to a Delta-themed lounge outside of an airport and eat airplane food and drink mini bottles of alcohol???? This ranks as one of the most absurd ideas EVER.

rboricua4lifenu said...

To address the above. I strongly disagree, this store actually offers a strong variety of brand names that would take most, a couple of hours to see in Soho, all in one place. Not only do they stock multiple product but also thrive off the concept of exclusivity, 1 size run and no repeats for those who like to speak from their backside to slander new businesses. I love the idea of being able to buy something and not have every other person i see wearing the exact same thing because its sold everywhere. Honestly i can appreciate that, if you don't buy it when its there then tough you missed, maybe you'll get the next best thing. DNA 2050 carries pieces not found at the stores of brand name origin, which i myself have proven through self experience. Just to add the staff, service and product is great. Their personnel are knowledgeable about the products and are high energy. Perhaps if you went in a store to buy something rather than ask stupid questions you might see the establishment for what its for and how great it really is

Mister said...

Hmm .. DNA2050? I found the pint size boutique great for my shopping endeavours. Think ... Downtown style meets the working liberal. Thats what I get from this NOHO Concept store. What Comes Around Goes Around, Just Cavalli, John Varvatos. These are the brands I like and can shop under one roof at DNA. I got an AWESOME maroon Just Cavalli puffer. Haven't seen it anywhere else ... Sorry to the space cadets looking for SPACESUITS, (sounds to me this store isn't for you anyway) Try NASA?!