Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Unicorn Horns

This summer I took an abnormal psychology class at Pace University, and as part of the class we had to do a Powerpoint presentation on a varieties of illness. I got stuck with dissociative disorders (like amnesia) and sexual and gender identity disorders. As it turns out, all the shit you thought were medical problems - like erectile dysfunction, sexual pain, etc. are all classified as MENTAL DISORDERS. Alrighty. Based on my research, it appeared that nearly all of the men's disorders were solvable and women with sexual disorders were basically screwed because there was nothing on the market like Viagra or whatever that is proven to help.

This CNN article reiterates that if you're a woman with a sex problem, your options on how to deal with it are limited only by your willingness to throw science to the wind and immediately enter Narnia. As suggested in the article, why not take Cialis or Viagra, or better yet, strap on a testosterone patch and pray that you don't turn into Teen Wolf. If that doesn't work, try medicinal herbs such as ashwagandha, astragalus or panax ginseng purchased from the local side show minstrel, or, if possible, get an enchanted rose that will bloom upon the kiss of true love. And if supplements are ineffective, another way to combat lack of sex drive is to put on a hair shirt, take up the Cross, make a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, wash the feet of 10 beggars en route and kiss the forearm bone of St. James once you arrive. Is CNN a joke.

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Angie said...

Women who stop taking hormonal birth control will notice an increased sex drive. Those forms of bc really suppress the libido. They also make the vagina drier, which can contribute to pain. But ... you stop taking those, and there are other issues, since other methods of control aren't so effective...