Monday, July 28, 2008

Very Glorious and Miraculous Announcement REVEALED

Picture of the giant scale from Celebrity Fit Club

As you may know, I quit my job in May to basically blog for free and hope that one day someone would notice my writing and shower me with luxxxurious wealth and everlasting youth, and it appears that day is VERY NEAR because I am among the SIX FINALISTS TO BE ABOVE THE LAW'S FULL TIME EDITOR/BLOGGER. Ding ding ding ding ding ding - that's right, someone appears to be willing PAY me to blog for a LIVING. While it isn't technically my actual dream of being paid to eat gummy worms and watch tv all day, it's dangerously close. Blogging + salary + 401(k) = YES PLEASE.

Here is where you come in: the way they're selecting the winner is by audience vote. There are three rounds to the competition - this week, next week, and - wait for it - the week after that. Each week we have to write some posts for the site and then proceed to get skewered alive by the ATL commenters. The voting polls will be open this Friday. At that point anyone who has ever read this blog needs vote for me or else. As the dreaded voting day draws nearer, I'll fill you in on the details, but rest assured if I get this job a) I will obviously continue to post on this blog and b) there will be a new sheriff in town at ATL - more scandal, more pictures, more humor, more shamazingness.


Mel said...

excellent news - you've got my vote

narixx said...


Let's hire a huckster engineer to figure out how to rig up an American Idol-style voting scandal.

Just a contingency plan, though... in case ATL readers can't figure out what's what, and accidentally cast their votes for An Unworthy.

Jennifer said...

Hear, Hear Shamazingness. You obviously have my vote and all the people I know.

Not Jackson said...

Wow. Who would have thought that ATL would lead me to a new blog to look at when I should be doing billable stuff for clients? Just what I need -- one more place to go to to procrastinate. Anyhoo, I am glad that I clicked though to your blog. Good stuff.

Apropos of nothing, the Michael Jackson avatar may cost you some votes. It's a little disturbing in a Not Good way. Good luck.