Monday, July 7, 2008

How's My Driving?

The other day I was on the phone with Megan and she asked me how my program of weaning off Lexapro, prescribed by Dr. Marin Robespierre based on information gathered on Yahoo message boards, was going. I told her it was going great - I was carving up my pills into 7 milligrams and only had slight dizziness and some headaches but otherwise it was full speed ahead toward the ultimate goal of getting off medication and resuming my normal debilitating depression.

Megan then asked me if I defined "going great" as meaning spending $190 on a black floppy hat, $167 on silver pointy toe shoes, $298 on a sextacular khaki dress with a blue sash for a life I don't lead and that is legitimately appropriate for no occasion, getting a manicure and pedicure, a $54 waxxxing, opening up a new credit card, bidding on 3 items on Ebay, buying a deck of tarot cards, threatening to get another dog, threatening to throw a sprinkler party in a public park, baking brownies, eating one and then throwing the rest out and crying uncontrollably during Wall-E and having to leave the theater early, and I confirmed that I did.


narixx said...

As long as it's not your bucket list, I think that sounds like a fine weekend :)

Tighten up the pursestrings by charging a cover - it'll be a fundraising $prinkler party at the dog run.

Jenna said...