Saturday, July 26, 2008

Very Glorious and Miraculous Announcement

"Keep It In the Closet" - Michael Jackson

I have some VERY exciting news to reveal on Monday. Let's just say that I'm shitting my pants about this and I've been throwing myself out the window for about two weeks and revealing my secret over and over to my pillow so I don't tell anyone by accident.

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AKA said...

Both my friend and I read your blog regularly and got into this fight via gchat regarding your secret:

Sent at 1:11 PM on Monday
me: I am a bit bored
Sent at 1:33 PM on Monday
Annie: me too
Sent at 1:34 PM on Monday
me: do we do?
lets ask narnia what her secret is?
Sent at 1:37 PM on Monday
Annie: you!
me: no you!!!
Annie: YOU!
me: haha this isnt going anywhere
Annie: forreal
you are so stubborn
me: you are
Annie: no you
Sent at 1:41 PM on Monday