Monday, July 7, 2008

Not Acceptable - Tribal Armband Tattoos

I believe barbed wire and tribal armband tattoos were MILDLY cool for MAYBE about 2 seconds in when Barb Wire starring Pamela Anderson came out and her costume was too tight and she had a miscarriage. Unfortunately, people are still insisting on getting these despite the fact that none of these people are in any tribes. At this point, I'd like to confirm that tribal armband tattoos look completely ridiculous, indicate that you drink Muscle Milk and wear a shell necklace from Hollister and pretty much announce to the world that you ran out of ideas for things to get tattooed on, threw in the towel and picked one of the ones they had on the wall at the tattoo store and paid for it using money saved up from working at the Vitamin Shoppe.

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Stealth Johnson said...

George Clooney had a one in "From Dusk Till Dawn", which is about 12 years old. And yes, it was cool for a few minutes. When are these people gonna get it?