Monday, July 28, 2008

Not Acceptable - Elderly Pornography

Image of grandparents touching each other kindly removed by management

As we all know and I think can agree, parents have sex the EXACT number of times absolutely REQUIRED to produce children. For instance, my parents had sex 3 times - once for me, once for Aliza and once for Jenna - and if you're trying to insinuate that my parents had sex more recently than 20 years ago when Jenna was conceived, we should probably take this dispute outside. It is therefore highly disturbing that CNN posted this article about a 73 year old man allegedly having sex somewhere in Japan. While that fact is extremely alarming in and of itself, even more alarming is the notion that there is a genre of senior citizen pornography out there. According to my calculations, this means that elderly people might be having sex (in the videos), and people might be paying to watch it (based on the assumption that people typically do things for money). Obviously all of this is not acceptable and frankly if I find out that my parents are having sex for non-procreative purposes I will very calmly take a bottle of bleach, remove the cap, drink ten gallons of it, pour it over myself, light a match and then see what happens.

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