Thursday, May 8, 2008

Amazon and You're Not Done Yet

Yesterday I remembered that I had ordered a buttload of shit on Amazon like 5 days ago, and so every day since then I have been asking my secretary "Any packages?" and then I look like an idiot when she says no. So I finally go on Amazon to see what the problem is, and apparently they are HOLDING UP MY SHIPMENT UNTIL JUNE 11, which is the date ONE of the SEVEN books I ordered will be ready to ship. Is this a joke. Fine, I selected the option to put all my books in one shipment to cut costs because I'm actually not made of money despite my extremely expen$$$ive clothing and ridiculously polished appearance, but if someone had told me beforehand that this one book would be shipping out in 20 years for Rip Van Winkle I would have selected two shippings.

So I had to go on there and redo all the shippings, pay $30 more just to have the 6 other books shipped together and the June 11 book shipped separately and got 8 annoying confirmation emails confirming my confirmation of my confirmed shipping change and I'm pretty certain that at the end of this all I will receive none of these books but will still have paid $192. I mean, it's like Amazon doesn't have any common sense; if one thing is available to ship in 2074 and the others are ready to ship today, they should advise me of this so that everyone's time is not wasted and I'm not asking my secretary for a month and a half if my package has arrived. My friend (or, more appropriately, Megan's friend) Sean asked me who orders 7 books at a time, which is an excellent point but still.


Sean said...

I'm your friend!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :(

Sean said...

[This message was appended in no way under threat of death]

But of course I am always Megan's friend first, and if ever I am arranging my top friends on Friendster or Myspace Megan will always be ahead of you but it doesn't meant I don't love you (even though I love Megan more).