Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Weather Conditions in Narnia

So obviously I spend all my day at my desk spying on the Sitemeter seeing who's on my site and how they go there, and the most ridiculous and amazing referral popped up. Someone googled "weather conditions in Narnia" and got my blog. Sadly, there is actually IS a real Narnia, located in Michigan, AND a website that updates the weather conditions in Narnia every 19 minutes. The greatest part is that the website says click here to return to Narnia. HAHAHHAHAHAHA

Give me a break, I pulled an all nighter at work and I'm like dying here but I have a funny post coming later about some ridiculous shit I saw on the subway and I mean RIDICULOUS.


narixx said...
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Chris said...

So you're telling me that when I'm stalking you, you're actually stalking me?