Friday, May 2, 2008

Little People, Big World

Aliza gchatted me today and said she was embarrassed to admit it but she found some cute stuff in the Ann Taylor petite section. I told her that it was ok, sometimes Ann Taylor Petites had cute stuff and in fact today I am wearing a skirt from there, but as I was typing this to her, I realized the horror of my words and just how dire the situation had become that I was justifying myself or any family member shopping at Ann Taylor. I'm sorry, but no decent human being should ever have to shop at Ann Taylor just to find clothes that fit.

Sadly, racism against petites is one of the last acceptable forms of bigotry out there, as stores make all their clothing to fit giants and nothing to fit midgets. Even when certain clothing lines do make size 0, there are apparently several anorexic girls in NYC who go around stealing all my shit so that by the time I show up there are only sizes 4 and 8 left, and unless I want to look shipwrecked, that shit is not fitting.

People usually tell me to "stop complaining about being not being able to find a 0" but you know what, it's actually a real problem because I am not the Emperor of Siam and I can't just have artisans make me clothing out of the finest silks in Cathay, I have to buy shit off the rank and then get it hemmed. I once went shopping with Emily who didn't believe me that I couldn't find anything that fit and after like 7 hours of trying on clown pants she finally agreed with me.


Sean said...

According to my brother, all dress shirts are made for white people and not asians, because apparently, asian men have much more V-shaped torsos than white men (please dear God let this be the case, I need any advantage I can get), and that therefore, when asians wear dress shirts, the sides of their shirts are like billowing clouds.

Mel said...

there are also discriminatory practices against those of us with long arms.

at 5'10'' all jackets and shirts become a 3/4 sleeve on my monkey arms.