Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The War in Bosnia is Over, Apparently

Club Med Bosnia

So this Sunday I was having brunchtastic with my friend Milan and he invited me to go this summer to his family's house in Croatia. Obviously I said yes immediately due to the free accomodations but then I remembered something about there being a civil war going on somewhere over there, so I retracted my acceptance of this vacation idea on the grounds that the last time I checked there was some ethnic cleansing going on over there, at which point Milan informed me that the war has been over since 1995. Um, did anybody else know about this. Since nobody sent me an email about this and apparently they don't broadcast the "ends of wars" on tv anymore, I was unaware that these countries that have been fighting for like 70 years magically came to some agreement 13 years ago that it was time to just stop fighting and live peacefully like nothing happened.

Also, if someone could locate Croatia on a map for me that would be helpful because the last time I checked it was definitely not on there or at least hidden. Milan said the family house is on the Dalmation coast but when quizzed he admitted he had not seen any Dalmations there.


Jennifer said...

I can attest that there is no war going on over there. In 2005 I took a cruise that docked in Dubrovnik, Croatia (it's near Italy on the Dalmatian Coast - didn't see any dogs there either). While Dubrovnik is a gorgeous city my day there will always live in personal infamy because I slipped on some wet Medieval stone stairs and ripped a tendon in my right ring finger - thank GOD it wasn't the left one.

scott said...


On most maps, it will be listed as Hrvatska.

Anonymous said...

I was there in 2000 and there was a fair bit of shooting going on..the odd drunk on a Dishka..and again in 2004 still the odd drunk cranking a few rounds off..just think Vermont with landmines..your not missing much..