Friday, May 30, 2008

Bye Bye Bye

Um, what's going on here

So yesterday was my last day at work and they had a very nice little cake and champagne send off for me in the same room in which a counsel, who was also leaving the firm, had his cake/champagne send off earlier in the day. At my party there was soda, cheese, fruit and crackers and a strawberry shortcake that said "Good Luck Marin" which was key, and everything was going great until a partner that I work with casually pointed out that the counsel's leftover cake was bigger then my cake. Upon closer inspection this appeared to be true and to say that I was completely devastated is putting it mildly. Basically this cake slight could mean any or all of the following: a) the firm was wishing MORE luck to the counsel than to me = not acceptable, b) the firm assumed that because I was an associate and he was a counsel he probably had more friends and would therefore need a larger cake which is false because I have MANY friends or c) the people baking the cake in the cafeteria realized that the parties would be in the same room and were afraid that the counsel would become enraged if we had the same sized cakes.

As the wound is still so raw, it is impossible for me to analyze the situation objectively, but since my co-workers have discovered my blog (hi guys), I invite them to offer their theories on Cakegate 2008-2009.

P.S. On the subway I saw a guy wearing a sweatshirt that said Eddie Blauer - HAHAHAHHA

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