Sunday, May 11, 2008

Greatest Movie Ever Made

Yes please

So on Friday night I decided to stay in and watch Braveheart because it is the greatest movie ever made and I feel like I'm at the point where I can publicly admit that I stay in on the weekend sometimes BY CHOICE and not be considered a giant loser. I'm sorry, but the formula of rugged hero who will stop at nothing to avenge the brutal death of his innocent lady + likeable secondary characters that die + battle scenes = gold. As long as they keep on making movies like this such as Gladiator, The Patriot (which rules), 300, Kingdom of Heaven etc. I will continue to patronize the movie industry once every 3 years when shit like that comes out. I hadn't watched Braveheart in a while, so I start the movie and I don't know if I need to up my dosage or it's because William's wife's name is Murron and so I pretend it's me, but seriously from the beginning scene when William's father and brother die until the scene where Murron appears to him in a dream I was crying hysterically because this shit was so touching and beautiful.

When I'm watching Braveheart, for a brief moment in time, I don't care that Mel Gibson is a rabid anti-semite or that his father denies the Holocaust or that he stole $12.50 from me when I went to see The Passion of the Christ in a theatre in West Philadelphia and was 100% sure that people were suspiciously eyeing my nose and preparing to lynch me after the movie. Mel Gibson is fucking hot in that movie and you know what, instead of crying over Murron, reading self-help books, making a sappy webpage devoted to her or doing something else annoying, he fucking honors her memory by kicking asses and taking names. Um, why aren't people fighting for my honor. Somebody needs to get on that.

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