Monday, May 19, 2008

Bar Usury

Apparently we were served with the Holy Grail

So after the apartment party we had at Milan's house, we all went to China 1 to continue the party. So we roll up and the bouncer is like, sorry folks, no more room, at which point I tell him that we are VERY goodlooking and so we should be let in, and then Milan pulls out his credit card and says we'll buy a bottle, which seemed to be more effective. Anyway, so I tell Milan whatever it costs I'll split the price with him due to my exceeding wealth, so he gets the bill back today from the bar and it is $345 for a single bottle of Grey Goose. This means that they are attempting to charge me $300 for someone to walk over to the liquor store, buy a $45 bottle of Grey Goose, walk back to the bar, chill it in a freezer, open a can of generic brand cranberry juice, pour it into a carafe so it looks official, and serve it to us on a tin tray.

As Megan said about the same shit that happened two years ago when they tried charge $500 for two bottles and a "private" back room at a ghetto bar that is now closed, unless they went into the fields, picked the wheat themselves and distilled it in a diamond encrusted vat there is no reason for these ridiculous markups. I may be a mediocre lawyer, but I'm positive that this qualifies as either robbery, and if not robbery I know for a fact that this may fall under one of the usury laws, in particular the one that says that you can't charge more than 70,000% of something's true value, and after I leave my job I will be looking into this issue full time.


Jennifer said...

$345 for something worth $45 is a 766.67% mark up to be exact. I figure this is about the same rate my firm marks up my hourly services.

Milan said...

If you consider that for a beer that you can buy in the grocery for $1.75 you often are charged up to $8, it almost makes sense.

Jennifer said...

That's only a 457.14% mark-up on that beer. I move for table service with six packs.