Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Legitimacy of Spanx - Amendment

Um, just to clarify on the previous post, you don't necessarily have to be naked in order for people to see your Spanx. This girl in my practice group was sitting down at a lunch the other day and I saw them, and neither of us were naked, but I couldn't say anything because we aren't that close and she might have gotten offended.


Cohen said...

I still don't understand what one is supposed to do with the fat roll that seeps out along the edges of the bike shorts-- thereby solving the fat ass problem, but replacing it with fat knees. Please advise.

Liza said...

Sometimes you have to roll the bottoms up a bit for dancing purposes... mostly for "the twist". This may help alleviate the fat knee situation. It also may completely cutoff circulation to the legs. In other words, spanx are amazing.