Thursday, May 29, 2008

Deed to the Moon

For Sale by Century 21

So apparently people are actually selling and buying land on the moon. My initial thought was that whomever is selling it is a genius and whomever is buying it is an idiot, but then I realized that this is actually the greatest birthday gift idea of all time. Um, who wouldn't want a piece of the moon? If you go to MoonEstates you can choose from a wide variety of other ridiculous places to own property, including Mars and Venus, or, if the decision is too difficult and all three planets seem amazing, why not get land in all three in order to receive three times the bragging rights. When you're done buying your land, you should celebrate by proceeding directly to the nearest bathroom, taking out $100 and flushing it down the toilet.

Luckily there is no question as to authenticity and legitimacy of title, because MoonEstates prints the deed on high quality parchment paper with a GOLD heading, prints your name specially on it with the finest laser printer in the land, and encases it in a luxxxurious high quality frame, which are tell tale signs of rightful ownership. But just in case this whole Mars business turns out to be a hoax, with every purchase of Mars property they will include two real saints bones, a feather from the Dodo bird, a treasure map to El Dorado and the true identity of Jack the Ripper along with a complimentary package of magical elixirs and smelling salts.


Maria said...

Excellent post. I just burst out laughing in the middle of a barbri class, making me seem even more of an outcast in the New England School of Law location, where everyone other than me already knows each other.

Jennifer said...

Screw them, they went to New England School of Law ... I mean, come on. Laugh away.

Liza said...

also included is the full address / phone directory for all residents of the Bermuda Triangle

scott said...

Whatever, losers. None of you are going to be invited to my super cool Moon parties.